Bonato electrostatic Antistatic Brushes SAR-01
Bonato electrostatic Antistatic Bar – IDB-11 (24 VDC)
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Bonato electrostatic Antistatic bar – IDB-7 (24 VDC)

The Intelligent Discharging Bar IDB-7 (shockless) we produce can be used in many sectors, such as textile manufacturing, paper, plastics, printing, in converting, packaging etc.
The anti-static bar IDB-7 is designed to be installed in machines working at high speed, his design is very compact 40×25 mm and the profile is in FR-ABS filled with epoxy resin.

This anti-static bar has an integrate power supply, so no high tension cable is needed, only 12-24 V supply, the frequency is adjustable (0-20 Hz) and is provided with clean pin alert by a led and remote signal PNP and NPN.
Green/blu flashing= ok, Violet= needs cleaning, Red=fault.
The emitters (option tungsten) are connected resistively to high voltage, so there are no risks for the operator in the event of accidental contact.


Working distance: 20-200 mm
Operating voltage: 7500 pulsed
Frequency: Adjustable 0-20 Hz
Integrate power supply: Integrato 12-24 Vdc input
Weight: 1,2 Kg/m
Ambient temperature: 0°C-70 °C Max humidity 65%
Lenghts: From 250mm to 5000mm