Bonato Antistatic Bar – IH-4-AN
Bonato electrostatic Antistatic Tube – AT-01
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Bonato electrostatic Antistatic Bar – IH-4-FN

Antistatic bar for a flat nozzle contains 4 ionizing pins. When compressed air flows from the thin slot of the flat nozzle, volume is amplified by the ambient air. That compressed air pick up the ions (without unwanted discharging) and directs them on the surface of products. That is why it can very effectively eliminate electrostatic charges that are occurring on the surface of products. The ionizing pin is shockless. The combination of ionizing pin and flat nozzle achieves high static charge removal effectivity with very low noise level and with low air consumption. Antistatic pin with flat nozzle can be placed on mounting bracket on tube on alumnium profile, see picture below.

IH-4-FN is supplied with high voltage cable, which is available in different lengths and cable must be connected to the power source.

Working distance: 50-1500 mm
Operating voltage: 7000 V
Power source: AF2WR – PS1WR
Pressure: Max. 8 bar
Air consumption: Max 150 Nl/min (at 6 bar)
Noise level: 68 dB in 30 cm, at 4 bar
Ambient temperature: 0° C – 70° C
Length of cable with high voltage: 3/5/10 m, additional lenghts on request