Bonato electrostatic Edge fixing electrode – EFE-3
Bonato electrostatic Fixing heads – FH-4P
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Bonato electrostatic Fixing head – CP-01

The FH-4P and CP-01 fixing head has been designed to lay down cast film borders in production lines, thus preventing film from reducing its length, in labelling and other sectors.
The stainless steel emitters are connected to high voltage by means of resistors and impede sparks creation, while being safer for the operator.
FH-4P and CP-01 fixing head are powered by ECFG-30 charge generator.

Body material PTFE
Emitters material Stainless steel
Emitters numbers From 1 ot 20
Power supply ECG-30
Working temperature 0° C – 150° C
Option: Mounting bracket