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Bonato electrostatic Antistatic Bar – IH-4
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Bonato electrostatic Ionizing Blower – IF-AC

The ionizing blower IF-AC was developed to be effective at long range and to eliminate antistatic charges considerably.

The ionizing blower IF-AC is made up of axial fans (one every 250 mm) and 2 antistatic bars ABSL-RC, which are fed by a high-voltage power supply, integrated in the blower itself.

The ionized air flow can be adjusted and reach a 1,2-meter distance, thus being suitable to several applications.

It is available in size from 500 mm to 2000 mm with a 250-mm pitch.

Working distance Up to 1200 mm
Supply supply 230 Volt 50/60Hz
Consumption 500 mm: 60 W; 1000 mm: 110W;2000 mm:190W
Air flow control Manual, 0-150 m³/hour per fan
Working temperature 0-60 °C
Power supply Integrated
Certificate CE