Bonato electrostatic Ionizing point – IP-01
Bonato electrostatic Ionizing Blower – IB-600
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Bonato electrostatic Ionizing nozzles – AN-01

Compressed-air ionizing nozzles have a double function, cleaning the surface of interest and eliminate  existing electrostatic charges.

Ionizing nozzles are employed where installation conditions are critical, especially in confined spaces.

Like other active anti-static equipment, also ionizing nozzles must be connected to an anti-static power supply by means of a high-tension cable and to compressed air via a common 6 mm air hose. We recommend the use of an air filter in such a way as to prevent the nozzle from coming into contact with impurities and moisture.


Working distance Up to 1000 mm
Power supply AF2
Emitters Stainless steel
Ambient temperature 0° C – 70° C
Air consumption a 3 bar, 190lit/min
Max pressure 7 bar