Rhyguan TOP 330/420/520 PLUS Series
DPR Scorpio SCR35PL
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This machine allows die cutting on adhesive sheets and digital prints on cardboard, silk-screen prints and print shop materials. A mobile lever lifts the sheets from the loading-feeding tray and inserts them into the plotter. Depending on the thickness of the sheets, the machine may insert from 40 to 100 sheets; while the machine is in operation, additional sheets may be added without the need of stopping the machine.

The system is equipped with an internal vacuum compressor, which does not require external air connections.
Proper alignment is achieved by black mark reading for every sheet; a camera equipped with i-mark technology performs black mark reading adjustments in a few tenths of a second.

In addition to the half cut for adhesive sheets, heavy cutting may also be performed for all the applications which require that, such as labels, business cards, shaped business cards, small boxes and more; it successfully cuts cardboard with weight ranging from 7.05 to 12.35 ounces (200 to 350 gr).

Speed varies depending on the complexity of the outline, on average it runs 30-40 seconds when cutting adhesives, while for through cutting the speed is much slower and therefore it is more apt for small jobs or simple cuts.


Auto sheet capacity 100 sheets – with autofeeder
Sheet separation Air powered, variable jet stream separation
Media alignment Media table, slide adjustment for size with self centering guides
Media width 279 – 350 mm
Media length 210 – 500 mm
Interface and Software Gemini Software (PC only (Windows x32 and X64) Win 7, Win 8.x, Win 10) cutter management tool.
Registration system High resolution CCD vision system consisting of a camera, which reads the registration marks
on the media, and compares the position with the original value from the digital file.
The Gemini software then acts accordingly to correct the linear and angular positional differences
but automatically adjusting the cut lines.
Registration mark 4mm x 4mm square registration mark (2 marks required: origin at top of sheet, and scale/skew at end of sheet).