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D.P.R Virgo – VRG22PL digital finishing machine is a desktop class system that: unwinds; laminates; cuts labels by contour; separates the exes matrix; cuts longitudinally; and rewinds the finished product onto a roll.

D.P.R Virgo – VRG22PL offers very accurate results in finishing, because it uses a plotter for cutting. This process automatically eliminates the costs needed to buy dies.

The benefits of using D.P.R Virgo – VRG22PL

  • Companies produce their own labels themselves, which means reducing manufacturing costs.
  • Full bleed print is now easy and enjoyable.
  • There is no need for orders on pre-die cut labels.
  • Save money on the media, as there is no need to leave spaces between the labels (full bleed print)

Benefits of the machine compared to their competitors:

  • Optical Sensors – Machines use cameras that rely on black cut outlines to optimize cutting speed
  • Adjustable tension and pressure – tight rewind rollers and tight rewinds separated matrices.
  • Size matters – The machine is easily accessible and can be setup in no time.
  • Longitudinal Cutting Blades- The blades have four pointed edges, which means they can be used four times longer than other blades.
  • White Labels – The machine has the ability to cut white labels without black marks. This is made possible thanks to the software for the Scorpio series
  • Software – the software can be loaded and used by any computer
  • Remote monitoring – The machine has the ability to diagnose and repair through remote internet interference

Max. media roll diameter 200 mm
Min. media width 100 mm
Spool inner diameter 76.2 mm
Max. media width 225 mm
Max media thickness 0.25 mm
Min. label length 10 mm
Max. label length 200 mm
Max. cutting width 200 mm
Min. cutting width 19 mm
Max. cutting speed 600 mm /sec . In all directions
Max. number of blades 6
Laminating module Yes
Dimensions 130 х 65 х 90 cm
Weight 200 kg
Plotter specifications
Connectivity USB 2.0
Cutting speed Depends on the graphic, 34 labels per minute – square with dimensions 80×80 mm
Adjustable cutting tension 20 gf – 300 gf in 31 steps (Max 300 gf)
Function for test cutting Yes
Cutting register Black mark – 4х4 mm
Can cutt Printed and non printed labels
Software D.P.R Software (Windows OS) cutter management tool.
Power supply 100-240 VAC, 240 W