Mark Andy 2200 – Used
Label Printing Flexo Press Mark Andy 2200L 6 colors -Used – SOLD
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Label converting machine with rotary die-cutting station – Used As NEW

Label converting machine with rotary die-cutting station – Used in PERFECT Condition. Lots of Tools & Spares.

The machine is as good as new. No more that 12-13 km of media has been converted with it. If we take in consideration that 1 standard roll is 950-1000 m, than this 13 km is absolutely nothing in regard to the capabilities of the machine . The machine has new magnetic cylinders and flexible dies, some of which are still not used. This and a lot of other tools and spares can be added when making a deal.

The converting machine has the following processes:

  • Unwinding.
  • Web guide.
  • Rotary die-cutting station.
  • Matrix removal and rewinding. Possible to control the RPM and torque of the matrix rewinding station.
  • Up to 8 round knife slitting station.
  • Liner blower disposal.
  • Turret rewinder.
  • Rewinding.
  • Machine control panel.
  • Unwinding tension control panel.
  • Rewinding tension control panel.
  • Redundant start/stop pedal.



Max. Slitting speed 100 m / min
Max. Die-cutting speed 100 m / min
Die-Cutting Repeat Length 190.5-508 mm
Max.Web Width 320 mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter 500 mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter 480 mm
Power Supply 380V ; 50 Hz ; 3 phases
Energy Consumption up to 3 KW
Dimensions 180 х 110 х 180 cm
Weight 1350 kg