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Installed on printing machine like flexo press, letter press and digital press, the LabelRoll-P series inline quality inspectionsystem can 100% control print quality for all narrow web applications and labels to reduce waste, production cost and improveeffi ciency. It is able to inspect defects like incomplete/missing print, dirty spot, ink spot, mis-registration, color variation, improper stamping& die-cutting, variable data etc.. Integrates optical system into one box, camera and light source can be easily change to fulfi l inspection requirements on different material. One machine can satisfy ALL needs.

Excellent Optical System

Wide-adaptive optical design and illumination enables LUSTER’s system to stably detect all kinds of defects on different substrates, including high reflective, transparent, clear on clear and opaque ones. Compact and modular design to fit different integration requirements and easy to maintain.

Main Features

1. Defects Display

Real-time display of defects information about size, brightness contrast, position, defects type etc. for the operator to monitor and control product quality in time.

2. Integrated Function

Double-screen display of both live image monitor and inspection software monitor enables operator to easily locate the defects and accurately control mis-registration as well as other defects.

3. Data Management

Quality report and statistic data provided for quality management.


Model LabelRoll-P
Application Beauty & personal care label, food label, healthcare label, beverage, wine and premium drink label, pharmaceutical label and other narrow web applications and labels
Material Type Opaque, transparent, refl ective materials, also clear on clear labels
Defect Type Common defects: Dirty spot, ink spot, white spot, missing print, mis-registration, improper die-cutting & stamping, broken writing, color variation, foreign objects etc. 3D defects: bubble, scratch, excessive glue, varnishing and coating errors etc..
Web Width 330 mm 420 mm 520 mm
Max. Speed 300 m/min 300 m/min 300 m/min
Camera Options 4K resolution, 7K resolution, 8K resolution color & mono line scan camera
Min. Defect Accuracy 0.03 mm2 0.05 mm2 0.07 mm2
Mis-registration Accuracy 0.1 mm 0.1 mm 0.1 mm
Other Modules Sound and Light Alarm; Quality Report and Analysis; Double Monitor: Live web monitoring + Inspection control; Variable Data Inspection; Workflow Solution Connection; Color variation inspection and color management; PDF proof job reference