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Rhyguan GC 560 coating machine

One of the important benefits is that The Rhyguan GC560 coating equipment is suitable to create different types of labels, for example, labels with a highly transparent adhesive coating, labels with an anti-counterfeit layer, labels with a special surface coating or labels with a metallic coating.  It is also suitable to create pressure sensitive label stock out of pre-printed film material. And more possibilities exist by combining different types of materials and liners and coatings.

Each module of the GC560 coating solution is constructed from a 25mm thick solid steel frame. The GC560 unit is fitted with two unwinds to laminate two materials together. The full servo-driven tension control allows to laminate thin or transparent films well. The GC560’s touch-screen user interface is designed for easy and ergonomic control. Therefore the GC560 units are trusted by our customers and installed by the world’s very largest global label converters.


  1. 12-Meter Long Hot Air Drying Path With 4 Drying Units Included
  2. Servo Driven Rewind With Maximum Rewind Diameter Of 1000mm
  3. Anti-Static Control
  4. Optional Die-Cutting, And Slitting
  5. Rotogravure Coating Unit Can Be Used For Adhesive Coating, Anti-Counterfeit Labels, And Surface Coating. The Same Coating Unit Can Be Used With The Doctor Blade System For Gravure Printing Applications.
  6. Two Unwinders With Web Guides And Corona Treatment
  7. Two 560mm Wide Servo Driven Unwind With Closed-Loop Tension Control. Maximum Unwinds Diameter Of 1000mm. Standard Equipped With An Ergonomic Reel Lift.


Max. Web Width 560 mm
Max. Coating Width 540 mm
Max. Mechanial Speed 100 m / min
Max. Unwinder diameter 1000 mm
Max. Rewidner diameter 1000 mm
Max. Lamination Unwidner diameter 600 mm
Max. Waste matrix diameter 600 mm
Air Supply 0.4-0.6 Mpa
Total Motor Power 146.2 Kw
Dimensions 120 cm x 235 cm x 380 cm