The Mark Andy 2200 is the benchmark in printing equipment. Featuring web tension management, self-aligning cassettes and superior drying and curing systems,
Mark Andy 2200
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Mark Andy Digital Series iQ

Hybrid Integration Made Intelligent

When digital printing is no longer enough to separate you from competition and jobs require inline finishing to be profitable, a production-level digital hybrid solution that offers flexibility is key.

The smart choice for your business, Digital Series iQ is a fully-integrated inkjet press built on a proven Evolution Series flexo platform. Powered by a robust Domino N6101i UV inkjet module, it boasts digital brain power and Mark Andy converting excellence.

Digital printing features: 

i-Tech ActiFlow – Protects nozzle performance by eliminating air bubbles through an ink circulation system that keeps the print chemistry continuously moving around the head even when printing has stopped.

i-Tech CleanCap – Automatically cleans printheads, eliminating daily manual wiping and prolonging the life of your machine.

i-Tech TrapLess – Reduces the risk of ink conglomeration, preventing nozzle failure.

i-Tech UltraMix™ – Ensures continuous white ink circulation to guarantee the pigment remains in suspension all the time.

Hybrid platform features:

Web Conditioning Processes – Optimize substrates for production in a single pass.

Film Capable – Enabled to offer high-quality film labels through chilled impression rolls and static bar additions.

Embellish Labels Inline – Multi-use print stations enable laminates, flexographic spots, varnishes, adhesives, and more.

Minimal Changeover Time – With VDC-SR, your bottom line continues to benefit from the speed of digital while experiencing increased operator ergonomics between job.

Printing Process CMYK +WW UV Inkjet Powered by Domino; (OV Upgrade Available)
Resolution 600 x 600 dpi native Kyocera print heads
White Ink Opacity 72% Opacity
Speed High-Quality Mode: Up to 164 fpm (50 mpm); High-Speed Mode: Up to 230 fpm (70 mpm)
Workflow Esko DFE; Mark Andy ScreenPro
Web Width 13 inch (330 mm) max; 8 inch (203 mm) min
Die Repeat Range 24 inch (610 mm) maximum repeat in full rotary or semi-rotary mode
Substrate Range Pressure sensitive papers and films, unsupported papers & films, tag stocks, light carton and more
Drying & Curing UV
Roll Capacity Unwind and rewind: 40” diameter (1000 mm); Maximum roll weight: 100 lbs (300 kg)
Environment Optimal temperature range: 68-72°F (20-22˚C)
Ink Storage: 68-77°F (20-25˚C)
Humidity level range: 40-60%
Dust controlled environment