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Flexible Magnetic Dies

We offer high-quality flexible magnetic dies that are produced using state-of-the-art CNC technology. We guarantee minimum tolerances, maximum durability and therefore optimal profitability. Our flexible magnetic dies are as diverse as the sector of labeling and its applications. Each punch is a unique tool adapted to your specific application with microscopic precision.
Much of the die is used to produce self-adhesive labels in all possible forms and variations. However, many other printed roll products are also punched, e.g. non-stick labels, brochures, folded boxes, tickets, coupons, etc.
The height and cutting angle are selected individually. Partial as well as complete punching, special applications, microperforations, etc. are not a problem.
Delivery times are one of our most important advantages because we know that this is key to the construction and delivery of the tools needed.


Anti-wear protection
In the cutting process, flexible magnetic dies are sometimes exposed to extreme stresses. The friction of the material makes the cutting edges more rounded over time so that no punching can be done without problems. This applies in particular to abrasive materials (for example, thermal paper, opaque white, fluorescent ink) and large and long runs. The special coatings we offer as extras significantly reduce these wear and tear.
A high degree of wear also occurs when cutting the material, because the cutting edge directly strikes the pressure cylinder. Laser hardening is recommended here to increase service life. The specially developed computer-controlled laser procedure gives a hardness of 66-68 HRC to the cutting edge.
The finishing options enable you to achieve maximum efficiency. The flexibility, tolerance of the accuracy and the magnetic properties of the dies remain fully preserved with all coatings and quenching processes.

Non-stick coatings
Non-stick flexible dies cover minimizes the adhesive and ink residue on the cutting edge and the die surface, providing a continuous production process. The flexibility and the magnetic properties of our dies are not worsened at all by our non-stick coatings.
• The glue and ink residue on the cutting edge are minimized
• Perfect and clean punching results
• saving time due to fewer cleaning procedures
• longer tool life
• Can be combined with protective coatings and laser hardening
• Flexible dies
We offer four different non-stick coatings that are optimized for specific applications. Ask us about the most appropriate coverage.

Cylinders for your rotary and semi-rotary machines

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