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ColorFusion 1

ColorFusion 1 is a versatile color label printing machine based on the popular memjet printing technology. With it, industry-leading manufacturers can print fantastic color labels for their products – when they need it, in the right quantities, and very cost-effective.

Print quality is unsurpassed, and performance is stunning. With the machine’s unwinder and rewinder mechanisms , you can safely achieve professional results without effort. Anyone can work with ColorFusion 1!

The labels that it can print are suitable for the food industry, food additives, private brands of wine and alcohol, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household chemistry, chemical industry, pesticides, warehouse and logistics, machine building and instrumentation, retail, and any other kind of production, liquids for electronic cigarettes.

The materials used by the machine can be self-adhesive paper for ink printing – plain, gloss, super-gloss, matte; polypropylene (PP) – white gloss, white matt, transparent; PVC (PVC) – white gloss, white mat, transparent, metallized coatings of different colors, eg silver or gold. The list does not end here, but it also includes a number of specialized structural labels and papers – for wine, alcohol, protective, and so on.

Forget the minimum order quantity, forget the long wait for delivery, forget the thousands of discarded labels due to changes in information or regulations. “Say hello!” to the unique, colorful labels within a single wink.

Whether you need 1 or 1 000 000 labels – ColorFusion 1 will fulfill your wishes!


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Printing Technology – memjet

Printing width – 215.9 mm                                                8.5”

Print Quality – 1,600 dpi native resolution

Dye based inks, Colors – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (2x)

Ink Cartridges – 250 ml                                                    250 ml

Printing Speed

1,600 x 1,600 dpi black – 305 mm/s                              12”/s

1,600 x 800 dpi color – 305 mm/s                                 12”/s

1,600 x 1,600 dpi color – 152 mm/s                               6”/s

Media Handling – Gap sensing, Black mark sensing, Continuous roll printing

Media Dimensions

Max media width – 225 mm                                            8.85”

Min media width – 50 mm                                               2”

Media thickness – 0.13-0.33 mm                                   0.007-0.13”

Roll handling

Roll ID – 76 mm                                                                 3”

Roll OD – 320 mm                                                             12.6”

Cutting – Integrated cutter

Operational data

Operating Systems – Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Connectivity – LAN, USB

Power Interface – 10 A – 24V DC

Power supply – 90-240 V AC ~50/60 Hz

Power consumption max. – 1200 W (5A)

Operating temperature – 15-35 C°                                 59-95 F°

Dimensions W/H/D – 62/35/50 cm                              25/14/20”

Weight – 40 kg                                                                  88 lbs