It is known that a body can charge itself electrically by compression or by rubbing. An electrostatic charge can lead to inconveniences such as the attraction of dust and various other impurities; these inconveniences may lead to the interruption of the production and even to the creation of dangerous situations like the electrifying of people, metal and other objects, explosions, fire and so on. To offset the electrostatic charges, the charged body must be ionized by breaking down the atoms in the air into positive ions and into negative ions. Since opposite charges attract each other, a negatively charged body will attract positive ions releasing its negative ions until it neutralizes itself. On the contrary, a positively charged body will attract negative ions until it becomes neutral.Our device consists of a power supply connected to up to 4 electrostatic bars.
As the world leader in innovative UV LED curing technology for industrial applications, Phoseon provides the broadest portfolio of LED-based solutions for printing, coating, and adhesive applications. With the ability to tailor solutions utilizing our patented TargetCure™ technology and WhisperCure™ technology, the company delivers rugged, high-performance products for application specific solutions.