Digital corrugated printing

Trojan T3-OPX – wide format overprinting system

A Durable Overprinting System Designed for Converters & Manufacturers

The T3-OPX system enables high-quality, full-color, and durable overprinting directly onto materials with ink-receptive surfaces such as cardboard, postcards, boxes, paper bags, wooden planks or thicker objects like blister envelopes or folded boxes ready for shipment.

Handway HighJet 2500B

Equipped with 4 to 8 Kyocera print heads, the printing speed could reach as high as 700㎡/ hr.High-speed carriage printing with a scanning speed of 1.8 m/s.Featured by fixed interval fast feeding, high-precision belt transmission system ensures stepping accuracy.Grayscale digital inkjet printing with the resolutions up to 600 x 1200 dpi.

Handway Glory 1604

Industrial robust design with the fastest production speed up to 492feet/min and High-Flexo like print quality. Digital printing technology brings you the experience of instantaneous response and seamless switch among multiple short-run orders. Applicable to all kinds of substrates including Kraft, Mottled White and Coated White. Aqua-base ink jet provides the low printing cost and supports the wide range of packaging applications.

Handway Glory 2504

Industrial large-format design withthe maximum print width of 2,160mmand the highest capacity of 17,773m²/hr. End-to-end workflow integration with Glory2504 printer,slotter and stacker, save time & labor. No plate-making; no minimum order limitation;instant response to customers’ demands; zero inventory