Flexographic printing is one of the earliest forms of printing. Considerable advancement in the quality of flexographic printing presses, printing plates and printing inks have lead to innovative product development. Frimpeks inks have significantly contributed to improve print quality whilst reducing make-ready times and operational costs.

The development of photopolymer printing plates along with plate processing improvements have enabled flexo printers to compete on quality with other techniques. During this period flexographic inks moved away from mainly solvent-based chemistry to include an additional broad range of water-based and UV-curable inks, further enhancing print performance and packaging quality.

Frimpeks’ knowledge of flexography and supporting ink systems spans over decades and they have witnessed it develop in recent years to become the fastest-growing printing process. Flexo printing offers a range of advantages when printing on a variety of different materials such as film, foil, plastic, paper and board, using a wide range of inks, and printing at high speed. Frimpeks’ customers have experienced a tremendous growth and technological advancement in various applications of flexographic printing. The main applications are within the packaging industry such as labels, flexible packaging, boards and folding cartons.

Frimpeks® UV flexo range can be used on a broad spectrum of substrates be they “standard” or “specialty” and Frimpeks® can also supply flexo inks for use on thermal printing plus cold and hot foil applications.

You can download the UV Flexo Technical Datasheet Here

Frimpeks® UV Flexo inks can be used on:

Self adhesive materials (paper and filmic substrates)Carton boards
Shrink sleeves
Wrap around labels


Low odourHigh colour density with a very good span
Good press stabilityHigh printing speed
Easy maintenance and clean-upPartly based on renewable raw materials
Excellent adhesion to a variety of substratesSuperb rheology, reduced foaming
Minimum dot gainCompliance with the latest ReacH regulations
Great performance on absorbent substrates


Advanced print result
Dependable print quality
Higher quality labels
Improved productivity
Environmentally friendly
Sturdy ink for many applications
Easy to handle, good ink duct behaviour
Lower inventory as ink is suitable for most types of substrates.
Good chemical resistance
100% Solvent free, VOC free and user-friendly raw materials
Excellent printability in combination with rotary screen and UV Letterpress

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