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Bonato Electrostatic charges generator – ECG-50
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Bonato Electrostatic charges generator – ECG-40

ECG40 charge generator creates an adjustable high voltage between 0 to 40 KV and an also adjustable current between 0 and 5 mA. Its controls are very intuitive and thus easy to be used by the operator. Besides it can be remotely controlled by means of the remote control analogical function. It can have positive or negative charge on request and from 1 to 4 high voltage outputs

• Adjustable voltage from 0 to 40kV
• Available with negative or positive polarity
• Low consumption 120W
• Up to 4 high tension exits
• Remote control On/Off and alarm
• Short circuit and arc protection


Frame material Powder coated steel
Weight 7 kg
Connections From 1 to 4
Voltage reading Digit display
Working temperature 0 – 60 °C
Primary voltage 24V DC/90-264 V AC 47/63 Hz
Energy consumption 100 Watt max.
Secondary output 4 – 40 kV DC
Secondary current 0 – 2.5 mA
Polarity Positive or negative
Features Voltage and current control, surcharge indicator,
Remotely controlled analogical function, controls keyboard