Rhyguan TOP 330/420/520 PLUS 2 Series
Rhyguan TOP 330/420/520 PLUS Series
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Rhyguan PLUS-330 Series

Every machine from the Rhyguan PLUS series can be ordered in 3 different widths – 330 mm / 420 mm / 520 mm

Rhyguan PLUS330 is fully modular in design, so you can tailor your investment to your needs. Balance the value-adding features required, with smart automation.  Get the best production capabilities for your company without comprises of quality. Each module is designed around a single 25mm thick solid steel plate with branded components on the inside. And each module is fully servo-driven with independent tension control.  Attractive prices allow you to get the best return of investment and stay competitive.

The operator likes the PLUS330 for the movable easy-to-use touch screen. They can choose for each job which module to run semi- or full rotary. Also, they can optimize the step-and-repeat for each individual module per job independently of any other modules to optimize productivity and minimize tooling costs. Adding just the right amount of automation reduces the chance for errors and allows operators to finish more jobs each shift. Here are the key features and benefits of just a few of our most popular modules and options:

Value-Adding Embellishment And Smart Automation:

  • Flatbed 40-Ton Hot Foil And Embossing Module. – Full Digital Pressure Control And Synchronized Digital Precision By 7 Servo Engines Create Fantastic Stability, Repeatability, And Speeds Up To 120m/Min.  Hot-Foil And Embossing In One Step. Multiple Foil Feeding Across And Along With The Web – To Create New Effects And Finishing Touches That Will Give You A True Competitive Advantage. Upgrade To Reregistration For Holograms.
  • Flatbed AND Rotary Screen Printing Module – To Add Value With Relief Varnishes Or Vibrant Screen Inks. A Moveable UV Curing System Allows Your Operator To Get The Best Effects During Production.
  • Flatbed AND (Semi) Rotary Die-Cutting Was Available.  Flatbed Maximum Die-Cut Speed Up To 120m/Min
  • Lamination-In-Register Module: Enables The Pre-Printed Web To Be Laminated To The Main Web In Perfect Register To Create Value-Adding Multi-Layer Labels.
  • Rail Mounting System: Allows Flexible Configuration To Meet Individual Needs
  • Automatic Knife Setting – To Save Time On Set Up And Changeovers
  • Easy To Use Flexo Modules That Run Both In Semi-And Full Rotary Mode, Depending On The Job Setting Required, And Standard Comes With Reregistration
  • Semi-Automatic Turret With Automatic Cutting

Features & Benefits:

  • Accurate – Full Servo-Driven With Digital Precision To Ensure Consistent Results.
  • Flexible – With Modules And Options To Give You A Competitive Edge.
  • Easy-To-Use – With A Reel Lift And Intuitive Controls And Little Maintenance.
  • Time-Saving – With Smart Automation Functions.
  • Flexible – Delivery On Roll-To-Roll, IML-Modus, Roll-To-Sheet To Meet A Variety Of Delivery Demands.