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Bonato electrostatic Ionizing Gun – AG-02

The AG-02 antistatic gun is a transvector compressed air gun that removes static charge. The ionization pin is of the “shockless” type – without danger when touched. In addition, the pin is protected in a robust gun body.

This allows the air flow to ionize when the trigger is pressed, thereby eliminating electrostatic charges that occur on product surfaces. Combination of ionization pin and transvector gun provides high efficiency of static charge removal even of larger areas with low consumption of compressed air. The gun is ergonomic and robust.

It uses the transvector principle – sucking a large quantity of ambient air – saving function of colume amplification affect. It has a large selection of nozzles for a variety of applications. The AG-02 is supplied with a high-voltage cable that is available in various lengths and must be connected to a power supply.


Working range: 50-800 mm
Operating voltage: 7000 V
Power supply: AF2WR – PS1WR
Pressure: Max. 8 Bar
Compressed air consumption: Max 500 Nl/min (at 6 bar)
Noise level: 90 dB at a distance 30 cm and pressure 4 bar
Ambient temperature: 0° C – 70° C
Length of high voltage cables: 3/5/10 m, other lengths on request