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Integrated with rewinder/slitting rewinder, LabelRoll-F offers 100% quality control on fi nished rolls for fi nal quality check to reduce customer rejection and complaints. Up to 300m/min speed, the production effi ciency is optimized meanwhile to achieve 100% quality inspection of common and very small defects, 3D defects and variable data defects like missing print, dirty spot, broken writing, bubble, scratch and excessive glue etc. In addition, Luster also supply own slitting rewinder to provide all-in-one platform for better performance and customer support.

Easy to Use

Only need one master image as reference for job setup, no learning or training process. PDF proof reference job setup also supported. Operator can setup different tolerance on different region of interest and different defect type, to enhance inspection accuracy and reduce false alarm. Wizard and simple user interface enable operators to easily understand and operate.

Strong Inspection Performance

It can inspect min. 0.03mm² defects under speed of 300m/min. High speed variable data inspection and verifi cation also available to meet the current trend. Optional 3D vision system can effectively detect defects like bubble, excessive glue, scratch and other varnishing/coating quality issues.

Model LabelRoll-F
Application Beauty & personal care label, food label, healthcare label, beverage, wine and premium drink label, pharmaceutical label and other narrow web applications and labels
Material Type Opaque, transparent, reflective materials, also clear on clear labels
Defect Type Common defects: Dirty spot, ink spot, white spot, missing print, mis-registration, improper die-cutting & stamping, broken writing, color variation, foreign objects etc. 3D defects: bubble, scratch, excessive glue, varnishing and coating errors etc..
Web Width 330 mm 420 mm
Max. Speed 300 m/min 300 m/min
Camera Options 4K resolution, 7K resolution, 8K resolution color & mono line scan camera
Min. Defect Accuracy 0.03 mm2 0.05 mm2
Mis-registration Accuracy 0.1 mm 0.1 mm
Variable Data Type
2D-Codes QR, DM, PDF 417
SN Codes SN Code that contains numbers and capital letters
Sequence Inspection Sequence mistake, repeated number, wrong number
Standard Slitting Rewinder Specifications (330mm)
Thickness 20 μm ~ 500 μm 20 μm ~ 500 μm
Web width 40 mm ~ 330 mm 40 mm ~ 420 mm
Max. operation speed 300 m/min (without inspeciton)
Max. unwinding dia. Φ 800 mm
Max. rewinding dia. Φ 700mm(2 rewinding reels)
Web guider
Rewinding accuracy ±0.2 mm
Slitting Standard (6 slitting knifes)
Shaft size Φ 76 mm
Accounting Sensor Standard: 1 photoelectric counter
Optional: 1 ultrasonic counter
Defect stop precision ±20 mm
Tension setup range 15 N-120 N
Air pressure 0.4 MPa~0.6 MPa clean compressed air
Dimensions 3100 mm (L) × 1250 mm (W) × 1500 mm (H)
Weight About 1.5 tons About 1.7 tons