Label Printing Flexo Press Mark Andy 2200L 6 colors -Used – SOLD
The advanced inline hybrid model, Digital Pro 3 is built for the all-in-one business owner seeking a complete workflow solution.
Mark Andy Digital Pro 3 – Used
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Label Printing Flexo Press Mark Andy 2200L 8 colors -Used – SOLD

Developed for Maximum Efficiency

The Mark Andy 2200L is the benchmark in printing equipment. Featuring web tension management, self-aligning cassettes and superior drying and curing systems, the 2200L is a flexible and productive press for your printing business. From the basic 2200L model to the more advanced 2200XL this press provides maximum versatility and flexibility to support any expanding business.

2200L’s accents:

  1. Ergonomic Print Cassettes – Easily mounts to “self-aligning” track to allow for faster clean-up and job setups.
  2. Heavy-Duty Waste Wind-Up – 32 inch (813mm) air clutch driven waste matrix provides high-torque and cooler operation.
  3. Multiple Infeed Options – Constant torque and closed loop control.
  4. High Efficiency Curing and Drying – Design is suitable for a variety of materials.
  5. Rewind Capacity – A large 40 inch (1016mm) rewind with taper tension control provides uniform tension throughout entire roll size.


The Machine is located in the EU.

The machine will be available from JULY 2022.

Print Width 254 mm
Min Print Repeat 140 mm
Min Print Repeat 178 mm
Max Print Repeat 610 mm
Max Die Repeat 610 mm
Max Die Repeat – underside (76mm) BR 572 mm
Max Die Repeat – underside (102mm) BR 489 mm
Max Print Stations 8
Unwind Capacity 1016 mm
Rewind Capacity 1016 mm
Speed 154 m/min
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